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How To successfully complete your MMM Guider School


Guiders in MMM are known to enjoy bonuses even to the third level downline. but to become a guider, you have to be trained and pass through the stress of guider school. Here are few things to prepare you to become a guider


1. Working Laptop/Smart Phone: The guider school is online, you perform tasks online and some of the task even require you to show yourself. So you need a good laptop/phone.

2. Good internet Connection: You will also need a very good internet connection because you will have to be in live meetings with your mentor every evening.

3. Data Plan: There are lots of videos to be watched, lots of live streaming to be done online, so you will need a good data plan to achieve all this within the 7 to 8 days of the school.

4. Steady power supply: You need to keep your devices charged so that you will be ready for the group chats and can participate. So you need a good power supply to accomplish this.

5. Download Applications: You will also need to have some useful applications. below are lists of applications you need
Apps for mobile phones(Android)
  1. Google Hangouts
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Slide
  4. Google Spreadsheet
  5. Screen Recorder (Screencast)

Apps for Laptops(Windows) 

  1. Google Docs (Ms Word)
  2. Google Slide (PowerPoint)
  3.  Google Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
  4. Screen Recorder (Screencast O Matic)

NOTE: The ones in bracket above are alternative Apps for Laptops.

When you have all the Apps above then you are set to participate in the guider school.

If you applied for guider school and you need assistance to finish your tasks, read our post about guider school or you can send us you number through our contact us page and we will add you to a WhatsApp group that can help you finish the school successfully.


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