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How To Register a Referral and get Referall Bonus in MMM

One of the many ways to receive bonus in MMM is the referral bonus. This means that you have to bring new member into the system and be earning additional money along with your 30% monthly return. The most exciting fact about referral bonus is that, the more people you bring the more referral bonus you enjoy.
But most people face the problem of knowing how to add people under them. This post will help you to know how to add people under you and be earning more money from referral(Note that referral bonus is 10% of PH made by your referral Meaning if your referral PH 100K you get 10K as referral bonus).


1. Log into your personal office (PO)
2. Goto “Participants”

3. Select “Referrals” from the drop down menu 
4. When you click on referral, a page will open telling you show your referral link at the top right corner

5. Copy the Referral link given to you, you can send this link to anyone and they will register through the link.

So you can keep registering as many participant as you can and you will be getting 10% anytime they make a pledge in the MMM platform.
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