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How to Convert Your Bitcoin To Naira and From Naira to Bitcoin in MMM



With the digital currency bitcoin on the rise everyday, many people want to join and make money with bitcoin. 

Well here is a goodnews for all MMM participants, MMM now has a feature whereby you can easily convert your bitcoin to naira and vice versa. 

To to this is very simple, but before you do this, it’s very important you have bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet read about creating a bitcoin wallet HERE HOW TO CREATE A BITCOIN WALLET


Now follow the steps below to convert your bitcoin to naira and naira to bitcoin. 

1. Log into your personal office 
2. Go to your Mavro page
3. Click on the Mavro you wish to convert to bitcoin.
4. Click the conversion tab that will appear at the top left corner of the page. 
5. A Box will appear showing you the naira equivalent in bitcoin.
6. Click “Renew” button from the small box.
7. Done

Below is a picture that explains the steps above 
To convert from bitcoin to naira, follow same procedure above. Was this article helpful? Have any question? Please leave a comment below or visit our contact us page. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be amongst those who get fresh and genuine updates. 


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