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Friday, 23 June 2017

Guider School Day 4 Tasks and Solutions

1. Sergey Mavrodi's Biography

The first task for day 4 is aimed at the students getting to know the founder of MMM more by answering some questions about his biography. See screenshot below for answers to the questions asked.

2. Tips on Social Networks

For this task, just click "Yes" and submit.

3. Female Facebook Account

In this task you are expected to just submit a link to a female Facebook account that you can use in promoting the MMM platform. 

4. "Add me please"

In this task, just click "Yes" and submit

5. Team Work

The task is just a question, just click "Yes" and submit 

6. Offline Promotion of MMM

There is a saying "save the best for the last" and that is what MMM did in the last task of day 4. Task 6 is one of the most difficult task in the guider school. 

The student have to make an offline proposal and submit it. To help you with the task, you can download a sample of the Proposal SAMPLE OF OFFLINE PROPOSAL HERE

Always remember to attend the evening meeting with your mentor, this way your name will constantly be on the automated attendance list.

Have any question? please leave it as a comment below or visit the official WhatsApp group of Team_Moneyrated for help. 

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