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Former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo Spotted With MMM Hand Bag

More people have been trooping into the MMM platform and lots of testimonies have been flying around in social media. But it the platform is also attracting more than the general common public. People that are known publicly are now promoting the platform.
Few days back, the picture of former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo surface on the social media with him holding a bag with the inscription ” MMM, together we change the world”

There is a possibility that the picture was/is the work of a graphics designer. but not also forget that earlier this year, comedians  took the issues of MMM to another level in the Ali Baba January 1st concert when they publicly spoke about the platform.
For example, Ushbebe said that “People like Us (Ushbebe) joined the MMM platform because the economy was hard and we needed to survive”. The point is the comedian acknowledge the existence and functionality of the MMM platform.

Even Seyilaw also made mention of the MMM scheme in one of his performance in Abuja.
Gradually, people are getting to accept the MMM ideology. What are you still waiting for? Leave your referral link below, WhatsApp group link below and let new members join the MMM platform.
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