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Complete Solution to MMM Guider School Day 3 Tasks


1. Youtube Channel

Day 3 of the guider school starts with the submission  of a Youtube Channel Link. If you already have a Youtube Channel Link you can submit that link else you have to create a new Youtube Channel and submit that link. You can watch the video about how to create a Youtube channel or search through google.

2. Monetizing of Your Youtube Channel

The above task has a video, you can just click “Yes” and submit.

3. Videos About MMM & the Current Financial World Order

Here you are require to fill your Youtube channel with at the least four videos about MMM and the financial order of the world(Two for each). Then submit the link to your Youtube channel.

NOTE: You are not required to submit the video link, you are only to submit the link to your channel.

4. Free Online Screen Recorder

You will be asked to make a screen record of you showing people how to complete a task in the guider school. This video should be uploaded to you Youtube channel and you should submit the link to this video.(For android Phone users, You can download a screen recorder HERE

NOTE: Unlike task 3 above, you are only required to share the link to the video not the link to your Youtube channel.

Watch above video for example of screenrecorded video for MMM guider school

5. Make a Video

Here you are expected to make a video showing a slide about MMM ideology. It is compulsory that this video will show your face. So you can just decide to video yourself talking about the MMM ideology and upload the video to you YouTube channel. After uploading, submit the link of the video and this is the last task for Day 3.

NOTE: The submission of this video is like that of task 4, you only have to submit the Link to the video not the link to your YouTube channel.

For people who are using PC/Laptop for the guider school, they can google the screen recorder named “Screen o Matic”.

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