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Complete Solution to MMM Guider School Day 1 Tasks

MMM Guider School Day 1

The MMM Guider school kick start with the Ideology and regulations of MMM.  Perhaps there is no better activity for MMM guider school day 1. In the first section of the Guider school day 1, you are made to understand the MMM ideology and the regulations that governs the community.

As a guider of the MMM community, you are expected to lead people. This means that you will be needed to to some explanations from time to time. For you be effective in the above, you have to be familiar with the Ideology of MMM and its regulations.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free Account using this Official Link. Note that participating is at personal risk.

MMM Guider School Day 1 Activities

The activities of MMM for day is a very long one. You will be asked questions regarding the ideas and regulations of MMM and you are expected to provide answers. Well if you have a member of MMM for while this should be a piece of cake.

Day 1 of the MMM Guider school will also make sure you know how to use major social media platforms to promote MMM. You primary duty as a guider is to recruit new members and also educate them about MMM.

We have put together all the activities below. We have also given some few tips on what you should expect on the first day of the MMM guider school.

1. Nigeria-mmm.net – Ideology & Regulations: 

Under this task, there are questions that needs to be answered. These questions are mostly about MMM ideology and the regulations that governs the MMM platform. The questions are very basic and simple to understand. Answering them should not be a problem.

2. How to Work in Social Networks

This task is a video that shows how to use social media to promote MMM. You can watch this video or just click “Yes” and submit. We all  use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So there is really no much education to be done here.

3. Work with Groups on Facebook

Under here, you will read about how to work with groups or pages in Facebook. You can just click “Yes” and submit.

4. Personal Brand in Social Networks

This is a write up about creating a brand in social networks. You can read this write up or just click “Yes” and submit. Here you are expected to create groups or pages of MMM on Facebook. You are then expected to add people to these groups. that is the summary of the write up. So you can just click “YES” and continue to the next task.

5. How does it work?

This is a write up about how MMM works and there is a question and answer section below this task. You know the basic working principles of MMM. So answering this questions should not be a problem.

6. Work with Objections

This is the final task of Day 1 and there is a video under this task, you can choose to watch or just click “Yes” and submit.

It is very important to note that after every class, you have a meeting with your mentor which normally starts by 8:00pm Nigerian time. Do not miss this meeting as the school automatically takes attendance of these meeting.

And that is the conclusion of MMM guider school day 1. The school will last for about 7 days before a certificate is issued to you. We have written articles to help you through all the tasks from day1 to day 7 of the school. Read them here in our website.

Have any question? leave a comment below or visit our contact us page and send us you question. And keep up with our website as we’ll be bringing all updates regarding the new MMM community.



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