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Complete Guide On How To Start And Finish MMM Guider School

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The MMM guider school is a unique school for the participants to learn not only the ideology of MMM but also the history of the community and its founder Sergei Mavrodi. The school is fun and have so many stories and videos.

But this is not as easy as it look, the students of this school have to think ad work together for them to successfully graduate. The series of the guider school from Team_Mntrends will take you through the process with pictures and how you can successfully graduate from the school.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free Account using this Official Link. Note that participating is at personal risk.

MMM Guider School Preparation Day

After registration, a mail is sent to your email address telling you that the school starts today. When you receive this mail, follow the link sent to you and your first task will be the preparation day.

When you click “Start” in the preparation day, you will shown a page with series of tasks. Below are the tasks and how to solve them


Under this task, you will see all the regulations guiding the MMM school. You are expected to read through the regulations but you can just click “Yes” and submit your answer to save time.


You expected to submit the link to your Facebook profile here. But as an alternative, if you are not comfortable promoting MMM with your personal Facebook account, you are allowed to create a female Facebook account.

The importance of your Facebook account is for you to be promoting the MMM community on Facebook. It is usually best for you to create a new a Facebook account for the purpose of promoting MMM. That way you stay anonymous like the current founders.


In this task, you are only expected to watch a video. You can just click “Yes” and submit then move to the next task. These tasks are the easiest in the MMM Guider School.


Here you have brief history of the MMM platform. You can choose to watch the video or just click “Yes” and submit. This stage provides you with what you should know about MMM and its founder. So you can just watch to know more about MMM or skip it.


In here you will see series of MMM related videos, some about the unfair financial order of the world, others about MMM ideology. You can just click “Yes” and submit.

Above are the tasks for the PREPARATION DAY of the MMM guider school. once this is done, just click on ‘MMM Guider School”. The time for your next class in the school is shown in the days. Just wait fir the “Day 1” of the school.

All class for the school usually opens by 8:00am Nigerian time everyday. our next post will about how to go through the MMM Guider school “Day 1” successfully. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be getting latest updates. Leave your questions via comment below or visit the contact us page of this website.


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