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Bitcoin Trade All You Need to Know


Bitcoin is a type of money, just like Nigeria use Naira, USA uses Dollar, Ghana Uses Cedis, one of the many digital money today is called Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is also known as a cryptocurrency meaning “it is type of digital currency that uses the encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, without the presence of a central bank.”
About Bitcoin
1. How to get Bitcoin: bitcoin is normally awarded to miners and according to one article online, it usually take up to a year for the computer with fastest processor to mine bitcoin (bitcoins are mined online through the solving of algorithms). A very simple way to get bitcoin is simply buy it from a trusted seller.

2. Get a Bitcoin Wallet: Bitcoin wallet is where you save your bitcoin. You can see your Bitcoin wallet as your bank account.

3. Where To buy Bitcoin: you can see lots of individuals online claiming to sell bitcoin. Many of these sellers are fraud,there are also website that claim to sell bitcoin most are also fraud. You can buy bitcoin from trusted seller and from a trusted website.

One of the website that sells bitcoin in Nigeria is the Nairaex website. Nairaex is own by DOUBLE J J ENTERPRISES located as Bitstake Global 10, Lagos road, Ita-oshin Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.
4. Grow Your Bitcoin: The most secure platform to grow your bitcoin now is the MMM platform. MMM offers 50% interest returns every 30 days. 

To learn how to create a bitcoin wallet please click HERE. if you have any question about bitcoin please leave a comment below or visit the contact us page of this website.


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