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Vanguard and Punch Newspaper Staffs Joins MMM Nigeria

There is a popular saying that goes like this “if you can’t beat them, you join them”. Seems this is now the case of the MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme. The very media that has been against this same Ponzi Scheme are now the very ones promoting the scheme. 

The featured posts of Punch Newspaper and Vanguard Newspaper was about the party thrown in Abuja by MMM Guiders. The newspapers even encourage the public to join the platform.

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As at the time of publishing this post, the Newspaper Editor, writter, some journalists and TV Personalities of these newspapers already registered in the platform. 

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One can rightly say that the tables have turn around for the good of MMM participants. But the ultimate question is, are you going to sit down and keep seeing this wonderful community as fraud? Or you are going to join the winning team and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor?

Click Here To Register In MMM

The Ponzi Scheme have been bridging the gap between the poor and the rich since coming to Nigeria since November 2016.

If you were once against the MMM Ponzi Scheme, there is no shame in changing your thoughts now and joining them to help improve your life. 

The community is opened to everyone and you can be among those who are 30% richer every 30days. 

If you are interested in joining this Ponzi Scheme, kindly leave a message below, like and follow our Facebook page Moneyrated. Send us a message and we sure will help you through the registration process. 




    Pls let's compare MMM with other peer-to-peer sites in Nigeria now:

    Na only MMM gets online training school called Guiders School

    Na only MMM people wey dey fit talk with you via voice call.

    Call/WhatsApp NOW: 08034645675

    Na only MMM dey even dey post online vacancy and dey employ people;

    Na only MMM dey organize online meeting at least twice weekly to update you of upcoming features of their site.


    Na only MMM don stand and overcome all the media campaign against them; come even continue in 2017;

    Na only MMM fit shake CBN, SEC, EFCC and Banks so tey NASS com dey debate about MMM on floor of the house; dem no mention other peer-to-peer site o! You no why? Na becos say other peer-to-peer site na ant for where MMM matter dey;

    Na only MMM you know the founder -Sergey Mavrodi -a man with brave heart to use this system to fight the unjust financial world, com go prison unjustly, win elections inside, com come out with a better platform for people to help each other;

    Na only MMM gets solid support team wey dey reach out to millions of people to resolve issues;

    Na only MMM dey do upgrade without shutting down the site and you still dey see your Mavros grow;


    Na only MMM you still dey see the date you PH, date of release and date of confirmation;

    Na only MMM you fit use chat box take communicate with people wey them match you with;

    Na only MMM you get freedom to PH any amount any time you like, and no condition say 'you must not PH below your last PH'.

    It's only MMM that makes donations to the orphanages , charity for the less privileged , give out gifts to primary school pupils (exercise books , pen/Biro/pencils etc)

    MMM created job for many Nigerians e.g Online consultant , MMM managers (guiders- there task is not as easy as many think) , online promoters , Mentors (those who train guiders , fully free of charge by Nigerians and foreign trainers atimes…), CRO , Support team, MMM admin etc

    I am not saying you should not continue to hate MMM for a reason you yourself don't understand , but while others are taking risks (which all life endeavors entail) , some will keep saying MMM is not biblical , non-religious , this and that … I am a guider, I have met with so many Alfa's, Alhajas, Pastors, etc who are guiders in MMM. Let's stop deceiving ourselves! It's your choice …. DECISION THEORY

    Pls come back to MMM. However little 'spare' money you have Pls PH o! There is hope of getting 2016 mavro……infact e Don show with enough of evidences!

    MMM…together we change the financial world!

    Join here;…
    Call/WhatsApp NOW! 08034645675

  2. You are highly welcome if you have made up your mind to join. You can contact Emaclex on 0802 369 8579 or [email protected] for more information and guide on how you can start making real money regularly no matter how small your start-up fund is. Cheers


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