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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Twinkas Soon To Crash as Members, Supporters and Promoters Quit Scheme

The second best Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria from the year 2016 is facing crash bound as it is loosing members everyday. 

According to comments on social medias, the members of twinkas are afraid that they will loose money if they invest in the scheme. 

It has also been observed that supporters of the scheme are on the flee too. Most complain about the introduction of more higher packages when twinkas is yet to pay their outstanding debt in lower packages. 

Even the Promoters of twinkas came to express their open withdrawal of support for the scheme. Below is a screenshot of comments from Facebook one of the social media use to promote Twinkas. 

Please don't invest on Twinkas if you love your money, their international representative quitted the scam Ponzi, accusing them of deceit and selfishness, unfaithfulness amongst all. 

The above is an except of what was written on Facebook. Please invest wisely and if you have your money in Twinkas please indicate via you comments below. 

If you also have Twinkas tks for sale leave your contact details below. Someone might just buy from you. 

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