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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Twinkas Latest Update: Twinkas Running out of Ideas as they Introduce Two New Packages

The Twinkas Ponzi Scheme have been in trouble for the past weeks. And to resolve the problems they have removed some Packages from their scheme and added new ones. 

For example they removed the 5k and 10k Packages then introduced the 75k,100k and 200k Packages. 

But it seems the problem they are facing is far from been over. Because they are yet to pay all their debts. To resolve this they have introduced two other packages, the Ping package of 7.5k and the Exotic package pegged at 350k.

The Ping: when one invest in this package, the participant is expected to get 15k in return. Well this is a poor decision from the Ponzi Scheme because the just recently removed the 5k and 10k package.

The Exotic: This package gives 700k when a member invest here. But is going higher really what the Twinkas participants need right now?  Well the answer to that question is very obvious. 

Most Twinkas participants thinks that the Ponzi Scheme should focus on paying old debts instead of bringing new packages every now and then. 

What do you think? Leave us a reply via your comment below. 

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