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Three Reasons Why You Should Become a Guider In The MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme

There is an old adage that goes like this “anything worth doing is worth doing well”. 

In line with the adage above, every person who have taken the risk to join and participate in the MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme, should also just become a Guider and get the full benefit of been part of the scheme. 

Did You Know? 
That for every successful transaction done in the MMM Ponzi Scheme, a Guider is somewhere getting free 5% of that transaction?

Did you know? 
That you as a Guider can benefit from your Downlines even to the fourth and fifth generation? 

This means that while direct referral are busy getting 10% from their direct downline, a Guider enjoy from even the Downlines of your downline.

Did you know? 
That MMM now lists Direct upline as a Guider? This means that wether you like it or not your number is now included in a transaction to be contacted when the Guider is not reachable. 
So why do all the work and enjoy less or nothing at all?

Did you know? 
That you can be making 50k as extra cash every month wether you PH or not? 

Below is a screenshot of a direct upline been listed as a Guider for his downline but he is not earning anything as he is not a Guider. 
Team_Moneyrated has put together a WhatsApp group that helps ordinary participants become Guiders and enjoy the benefits of Guiders.

If interested kindly indicate your interest via your comment below. Note Team_Moneyrated will not charge you anything or have any condition attached to this. 


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