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See Why Average MMM Participants In Nigeria are Living a Good Life


Many people in Nigeria still sees the MMM Nigeria as fraud. But the facts that are even visible to the blind has proven otherwise. 

While it is true that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, it is also true that one should weigh all fact before making conclusions. 

It has been observed from facts that an average Nigerian who participate in MMM is living fine. They are even living better lives than government workers and bankers.

Here is a break down of how MMM participants actually live the rich man life. 

Every MMM participants gets 30% of his or her money every 30 days. Aside from that they also get 10% of referral bonus. 

This means that when they invest 100k in 30days they get 130k in return. And if four of their referrals also pledge 100k each, they get 10k making it 40k in addition to their 130k Making it 170k in 30days. 

Now you will hardly see any government job paying 170k in a month. Even the so called cashiers in the banking sector don’t earn that much in 30days. 

The simple truth still remains that MMM can only get better with time. So if you are interested in making some extra cash, leave a comment below. Good news is, even both government workers and bankers can join the MMM scheme. 


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