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Friday, 5 May 2017

Why MMM Nigeria Stops Pairing Of Mavros For 7 Days Few Days After Implementing New Model

The MMM Ponzi Scheme recently announced the implementation of their new model which will help them to pay off the debt of old Mavros. 

But in the wake of this development also came a downside that has placed the Ponzi Scheme on a stand still. See reasons why the system is on stand still and will be like that for the next two days. 


The new model given to us is extremely smart and fast to act... Prior to the implementation of PH TO GH policy, there were lots of PHes on ground waiting to be dispatched. 

But immediately the policy of PH TO GH was implemented,

Trust Nigerians na; 

Cancellation was flying around as if 3rd world War was about happening.

Alot of participants cancelled their PH orders and re-PH in the quest to get the implemented 10% from their 2016mavros( I like our smartness though but sometimes it affects us).


The system is convenient with matching of PH orders that have stayed up to 7 days. 

If not, the numbers of PHes in the system now triples what was in the system before the implementation of PH TO GH POLICY. 

So the current lag in matching of GH orders is as a result of Saturday's cancellation of PH orders and the system is not comfortable with matching of PHes not up to a week, hence the delay. The delay is being corrected. 

This CONTROL MEASURE  is why the system will not crash. This part of the new model, is the reason you should have confidence in the system. 

Please remain calm if your GH order has not been matched. 

MMM is all about your understanding. Once you understand the system, not matter what prevails, you will fear not! 

Therefore, I seek for our understanding and nothing more. 

Together we can do alot. 

Credit: Benfranklin Onah

So, the new model suggests that the participants are in charge of the system. Their actions controls how smooth the system will function. What do you think about the new model? Leave us a reply via your comments below. 

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