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MMM Now Operating In 28 Countries Around The World


Most people will think or only knows of MMM Nigeria, but the simple truth is MMM is a wider Ponzi Scheme and it operates in more countries than you could have ever imagined. 

Still doubting? No problem below is a list of all counties that the MMM Ponzi Scheme is and operating perfectly with Testimonies flying in from participants. You can check out the links and see for yourself. 

List of countries MMM is currently operating in:

MMM Argentina: argentina-mmm.net
MMM Australia: Australia-mmm.net
MMM Bangladesh: Bangladeshmmm.com
MMM Brazil: Brazil-mmm.net

MMM Cambodia: Cambodia-mmm.net
MMM China: China-mmm.net
MMM East Africa: Ea-mmm.net
MMM Egypt: Egypt-mmm.net
MMM France: France-mmm.net

MMM Hongkong: Hongkong-mmm.net
MMM India: India-mmm.net
MMM Indonesia: Indonesia-mmm.net
MMM Italy: Italy-mmm.net
MMM Japan: Japan-mmm.net
MMM Korea: Korea-mmm.net

MMM Kuwait: Kuwait-mmm.net
MMM Malaysia: Malaysia-mmm.net
MMM Mexico: Mexico-mmm.net
MMM Nigeria: Nigeria-mmm.net
MMM Peru: Peru-mmm.net

MMM Philippines: Philippines-mmm.net
MMM Singapore: Singapore-mmm.net
MMM South Africa: Rsa-mmm.net
MMM Spain: Spain-mmm.net

MMM Thailand: Thailand-mmm.net
MMM Turkey: Turkey-mmm.net
MMM USA: Usa-mmm.net
MMM Venezuela: Venezuela-mmm.net

You can check them all out and read testimonies of participants in those countries

Send to ur DLs for them to see and be confident we’re not alone in the financial revolution struggle. 

So the MMM Ponzi Scheme is not likely to go anywhere yet. With all the struggles and Huddleston they have passed through in Nigeria they are still here. So to all MMM Nigeria participants out there, keep the faith because you are not alone. 


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