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MMM Nigeria Still Paying Its Participants

In the wake of the highly anticipated new model of the MMM Nigeria, also came a period of recession for the Ponzi Scheme. 

It was observed that after the implementation of the new model, many of its participants unknowingly created problems for themselves in the system. 

But the goodnews is MMM is back and this time it’s blazing hot. The system was on a stand still for seven days but after that now it’s time for some real action in the scheme. 

MMM resumes Pairing of Mavros and this time there is no queue as they have more than enough PH requests to pay everyone. Below is a screenshot of two accounts that was merged to be paid to. 

You want proof, above is your proof that MMM is here to stay. So if you have a GH request pending, don’t panic just wait patiently as that request will be merged anytime soon. 

MMM survival sorely depends on its participants, so if you want MMM to work for you have to work for MMM too. Point is, bring new participants and MMM will be getting stronger by the day. 


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