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Latest Paying Ponzi Schemes The Luxury Takers, Peer-Donation and Cool cash Paying Very Fast


Just when we thought we have seen enough Ponzi Scheme collapsing in the wake of 2017 it seems the Ponzi Schemes just keeps springing up with new ideas and new platforms with each passing day. 

For a fact, most of the Ponzi Scheme that we’re in 2016 are no longer working in the year 2017. The truth is many lack ideas and with time they have no option but to off the radar. 

The fall of these schemes have given rise to new ones. For example, the Luxury Takers was recently launched which promises 100% return to all its participants. 

The Peer-Donation is also another recently launched Ponzi Scheme that is paying too. They offer 200% return to all its participants. But have minimum of 5k investment and maximum 10k investment.

The cool cash was also recently launched. This scheme have a lowest return for its Participants. It offers 30% and promise to pay its Participants within 4 hours of pledge. 

This is now the fastest paying scheme of the year 2017 even the giant of Ponzi MMM pays 30 days after pledge. 

The truth is, no one knows the real Ponzi Scheme from the fake. So if you are planning to invest in any of the scheme above its strictly at your own risk. Well to live in this life one have to take a measure of risk.

To register in any of the scheme mentioned above, just add a dot come to the names. Or leave a comment below and we shall give you a direct link to the website. 


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