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MMM True Story: The Story of Panta Duncas an MMM Nigeria Participant

This was shared by one of our visitors whose blogger ID/name is Panta Ducas. Ducas Thanks for sharing your story we Team_Moneyrated and Team_Mntrends are very please to hear from you. Hope your story motivates other MMM participants and bring in new participants and also help people see the greater good of the MMM community.
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panta ducas26 May 2017 at 23:23
I want to share one peculiar experience though it’s nothing much but about my younger brother who tended to discourage me over my 2016 mavro. 

Yes, I was broke after the N350k I did in 2016, I endured, did all I thought my be of help to get some money back to no avail (yet I didn’t loose hope in mmm) even called my guider – (Umeh Chika) hoping to get advice on what best to do of which he always assured and encouraged me not to loose hope till this year when my being broke got worst.
 I called that my younger brother to assist me financially while I hoped to get some mavro from mmm in my then 2016 mavro to pay him back. 
He simply said to me, ‘if anything I can do for you I will do it but about the ponzi shit called mmm, just forget about any money you have in there and focus for the future ‘.
 This statement of his scared me but in a nutshell he didn’t assist me financially as I requested from him saying that he has no money and would never get involved in any ponzi. 
I was down but still didn’t give up. I followed up by opening my PO often to see the latest and all I see is my N350k mavro rising even rose up to N1.2mlnk. I was both excited and confused till some time recently in 2017, the N1.2mlnk shrank down to N505k something and I got the picture.
following the news I have been hearing that 2016 mavro would soon be stoped from growing so I thought that the N700 & something K deduction will be as a result of the news so I didn’t panic – after all I wasn’t expecting such huge sum with my N350K PH if all the hulabaloo didn’t happen so I just assumed it’s all good. 
My story is, I started PHing again and geting paid though not in big sums now because am broke but hopefully, I look forward to a day I will get paid in huge sums again as I intend to follow suit in progressing with mmm. Then I will get back to my brother again and possibly have to bring him on board to counter his initial statements. 


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