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MMM Nigeria: What Each of the Button in The MMM Personal Office Means


Know your PO


✍This is the place where participants have PH and GH button and order when match to other participant to pay or to receive appears in the dashboard too.

Under the participants button you have to sub buttons, “Referrals and Trustee” 

✍This is the place: you see all your Direct Downline (DL) and Downlines of your downline (DLs) that are in your structure. Most useful for Guiders { Guiders Only }

🍌the trustee
✍This is where you have access to your DLs personal office that make you as their Confidential Helper. { strictly for Guiders Only }

✍These are people who are under you or that register through your link. Simply put, they are the people you registered.

🍌add participant
✍This is a place where you can register participants through your po. { Guiders Only }

Under this button you will see the “My Page and Letter of Happiness” 

🍌my page
✍This is the place where all your information is being gather to, you can change your detail inside this bottom without getting into Moratorium. Details include your name, email, phone number and even change of Guider. 

🍌my letter of happiness
✍After you have received your GH, for every LOH & VOH you do, this is where it stored.
👉LOH: Letter of Happiness
👉VOH: Video of Happiness

✍This is a place for participants to use to promote the community either offline or online. Participants are encouraged to always to promo tasks Atleast once in a month to help bring new participants into the system. 

✍These are where your money grow, see the amount you have, remaining balance and show some other bonuses: 
👉Mavro 30%
👉Referral Bonus
👉Leader Bonus(for guiders) 
👉Bonus For Video of Happiness and some other bonuses.

Mavro growth👉 every Tuesday and Thursday 1am. 

👉Tuesday Growth: 4% Boost🚀
👉Thursday Growth: 2% Boost🚲
l.e Tuesday growth is much than Thursday growth and the difference is in the number of days. From Thursday to Tuesday you have four days and from Tuesday to Thursday you two days. 

✍This is where your Bank Account Detail stay.

✍This is where Guider are Rated and check how many participant have rate his/her guider. Remember to rate your Guider to let MMM know how many Guiders are doing their job. 

✍This is where you get notification on what is going on; on your personal office.

✍This is a place where all participants of MMM Nigeria drop their complains. Usually takes 24hrs to get a reply from support. 

🍌Official information
🍌Bitcoin service
🍌Marketing kit. System presentation.
🍌Guider’s school
🍌We are in social media.

✍This is where participant logout their po when they are though .

Originally posted by Guider Penks, edit by Team_Moneyrated. Hope this explains your personal office to a level you understands. Have any question? Leave it as a comment below. 


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