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How The MMM 10% Policy Works


The new 10% policy implemented by the MMM Ponzi Scheme have a rule behind. The rule makes new model work smoothly in such a way that it encourages participants to only PH higher than previous PH. 

Lemme explain a little 

For example I PHed 100k

And 10k 2016 Mavros released

All total GH will be 140k. Now I decided to PH 100k again

Now old PH -minus old GH(100k-140k= -40k

Now  -40k plus new PH of 100k will be 60k

60k multiplied by 0.1 or 10%= 6k

That is it you get 6k as 2016 mavro release

Hope you understand the breakdown. 

That’s the reason why the amount you gh from 2016 Mavro reduces.

From the above analysis, one can understand that the system wants it’s participants to PH more anytime they make a new PH. 

While this may be unacceptable to some persons, it is also a good measure to ensure faster release of old Mavro. But here is a little secret that will help you use same money to be getting 10% Mavro from 2016.

You should PH before GH. For example you PH 100k before getting help for the 100k let’s say 3 or 4 days to GH, PH another 100k. With this way, you won’t have a previous transaction to be subtracted from. How about that? 


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