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Understanding The MMM New Money Rule for Old Mavro GH Part2


The Nigeria MMM in a recent update shows its Participants two ways or options to get out their old Mavros. But what they didn’t explain is the details behind this new policy. This post is the second part explaining what this policy actually means. 

According to the news update about the MMM 10% Policy below is the second way/option to get your old Mavro

Mavro-2016-Contributions’ is released in the amount equivalent to 10% of the PH of your referrals. It means if you invite a new member to the Community, and he makes a contribution of 10,000 NGN. you will get 1,000 NGN of ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released.

The above simply means that for every new person you register, you get 10% referral bonus and also 10% of your old Mavro. If you are still confuse below is what the second update means 

Second Option Analysis. 

New Participant PH 20k
You get 2k referral bonus + 2k old Mavro =4k

Option B

New participant PH 200k
You get 20k referral bonus + 20k old Mavro =40k

But it has been observed recently that for every cancelation of new PH made by your referrals, you also get a deduction from your old Mavro. That means that if your referral canceled his/her PH, the equivalent will be reduced/removed from your Mavro. 

This means that you are been punished for the sins of your referrals. So is that a fair deal well Team_Moneyrated leave that for the participants to decide. 

You can tell us how you feel about this new policy via you comment below and if you missed the first part of the new policy please kindly read it below. 


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