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Understanding The MMM New Money Rule for Old Mavro GH Part1


The Nigeria MMM in a recent update shows its Participants two ways or options to get out their old Mavros. But what they didn’t explain is the details behind this new policy. This post is the first part explaining what this policy actually means. 

According to MMM Nigeria, the first option to get old Mavros out of the system is  

Mavro-2016-Contributions’ (you should have this line on “Mavro’ section in your PO) is released in the amount equivalent to 10% of the PH request. It means if you provide help of 10,000 NGNб you will get 1,000 NGN Mavros-2016-Contributions released.

The above simply means that for every new PH a participant makes, 10% is release to that participant. But what it didn’t state is the money rule behind the 10% policy.

The money rule is calculation is below. Please carefully study and understand this money rule so that you will know how best to get your old Mavros. 

20,000 – 30,000 + 10,000
= 20,000-30,000 (-10,000) + 10,000
This answer to this is 0

So if PH, GH & RePH is like this, no bonus or 10% of 2016 will be given

Another participants PH 20k – GH 26k & rePH 30k

20,000 – 26,000 (-6,000)
So, -6,000 + 30,000 = 24,000
10% of 24,000 = 2400

3.) Quadri PH 100,000, GH 130,000 & rePH 50,000
Answer: 100,000-130,000 (-30,000)+50,000 = 20,000
10% of 20,000 = 2,000

I think we can get this.

PH – GH + RePH ÷ 10
For referral bonus & mavro 2016

To get 10% all d time PH must be greater than GH. If u can maintain this u always get 10% but if it drops down u might not get it.

But to avoid the above, you can simply PH few days before you GH your old Mavros. With the early PH order there won’t be any old order to calculate and deduct from as the recent old order is not yet completed. 

This means that, if you PH 20k and you still want to PH 20k again, all you need do is PH 20k two or three days before you GH. 

The 10% might not be what all MMM participants expected, but it’s still a way to get their old Mavros. What do you think about the 10% policy? Leave us a reply via your comment below. 


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