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What MMM Guiders Discussed In Thier Emergency Meeting


The series of events that happened after the implementation of the new model of MMM Nigeria have forced the guiders to call an emergency meeting. 

A Correspondence of Team_Moneyrated present sent us the summary of the meeting. Below is what the meeting was about. 

Meeting Summary (Emergency Meeting 05/05/2017)

👉 GH issues would be normalized as from today, it will be instant matching  like before. it was caused by you cancelling already maturing PHs to PH for mavro 2016 10%.

👉 Programmers are done with implementation of most of our suggestions.

👉 New Money rule removes extra burden for the system 

👉 PH what you can pay when called upon. Blocking will be tight now, Admin has much work in their hands.

👉 SMS notification glitch will be checked. 

👉 Votes were cast concerning new money rule removal on 2016 and removal of 2016 defrost by referrer’s donations.

👉 New registrations is increasing daily.

Work hard people……

The system is here to stay forever.

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