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See The Pictures Of Massive PH of Money In MMM

There have been complaints about the 10% policy by most participants, but still some participants have PH huge amount of money into the MMM system. 

The bottom line is simple, the more PH the more your old Mavro will be released. And the lesser you PH the lesser your old Mavros will be released.

Below are screenshots of PH that is currently in the system. This is to motivate other participants into action instead of sitting and complaining about how small the 10% policy is. 

The pictures below are not photoshop names are removed for privacy reasons.

From the above, you can see that you are not alone in the race to make MMM healthy. So what are you contributing to the system to make it safe for everyone.? 

MMM is here to stay, go hit the PH button and always do the needful when the need arise. You can say a short prayer for MMM via you comment below. #mmmpays


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