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What You Can Do To Get Your Old Mavros (Money) From MMM


While some participants and people are busy complaining about the newly implemented 10% policy of the MMM. Some participants have been busy working and getting their money from the MMM platform. 

This means you have two options, just be looking and observe as people make money from the platform or you can join the ever moving train to make money. If you think it’s still a joke kindly read the post below to clear your doubts. 


Dear MMM Nigeria Participants, especially those with 2016 mavro on the MMM Nigeria System,

I bring to your notice the new 10% rule that MMM Administration just implemented on the MMM Nigeria platform on how to unfreeze your 2016 mavro. 

Before this new rule of 10% was implemented today, 29th April, 2017, MMM programmers have been working tirelessly on the Nigerian platform to ensure smooth and sustainable operation of the system since January, 2017.

Several other platforms have since shut down, bringing sorrow to many, but MMM has continued to demonstrate commitment to the good of her participants.

Therefore to make the release of the 2016 mavro available to every single participant on the MMM Nigeria platform, MMM Administration took the sustainability of the system as the topmost priority. 

They tested limited random release of N31,000 from 2016 mavro and later reduced to N16,000 this April. Quite a few people benefitted from this, but many others didn’t, because it was a randomized process of withdrawal.

Next, a comprehensive work was done to remove the excess growth on the 2016 PHs, compounding and rightsizing all 2016 contributions and bonuses to the value accrued as at December 31st 2016.

If you benefited from the random release of mavro 2016, what you got was also deducted to compute the current amount you now have. 

We must thank God and give credit to MMM Administration and programmers for a job well done. 

Having survived the government agencies and media attacks in 2016, MMM has once again proved to its critics that it is here to stay. 

This sustainable approach will however be driven by the participants themselves as the sustenance of MMM Nigeria squarely depends on our activities. 

We must remain positive and committed to the growth of our beloved community that has helped so many.

With this 10% new rule to GH your 2016 mavro on the MMM Nigeria system, the ball is now in your pitch. 

You alone hold the keys to getting your 2016 mavro should you play well according to set rules. 

We, the participants are MMM. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now is the time to make quality PH in order to GH your 2016 mavro in no distant time.


With this new rule of 10% to GH your 2016 mavro, you can decide to GH everything at a go, in one month, in six months, in one year, two years as the case may be. 

It all depends on your personal and positive activities on the MMM Nigeria platform. The operations of the rule are simple as follows:

PH N5,000 and N500 of your 2016 mavro will be defrosted.

PH N10,000 and N1000 of your 2016 mavro will be released.

PH N50,000 and N5000 of your 2016 mavro will be released.

PH N100,000 and N10,000 will be released.

PH N500,000 to unlock N50,000.

PH N1,000,000 to unfreeze N100,000.
And so on…

So determine your risk level and pledge your available money to gradually unfreeze your old funds in the system, repeat the cycle, and before long you’d find that all your money has been released.

Remember our promise, nobody loses money in MMM. It may only take time.

Thanks and God bless.

If you want MMM to work for, you in turn also have to work for MMM. That is the simple logic. Feel free to tell us what you think about this new policy via your comments below. 



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