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Reasons Why Banks Can Never Be Against MMM Nigeria

Recent update in the social media have suggest that banks are against the number one Ponzi Scheme MMM. But a careful study of the scenario shows otherwise. For a fact, banks now make more profit with the coming of MMM. 

We all know that banks and even the federal government of Nigeria have been encouraging people to switch to mobile banking. The advent of the MMM Ponzi Scheme have made this more easy. 

Do you know that last year, banks like UBA, FIRSTBANK, DIAMOND BANK and the likes charge #105(one hundred and five naira)  for transactions to other banks? 

Then the likes of QuickTeller charge #100 (one hundred naira) per transaction?

Now there are about two million active participants in the MMM Ponzi Scheme last year in Nigeria. This means, assuming only five hundred thousand of these participants made a transaction via their mobile banking system, they will be charge #100. Let’s quickly do the mathematics. 

500,000*100=50,000,000(fifty million naira will be shared among banks in just a month) 

Do you know that all Banks including UBA, ECOBANK, FIRSTBANK recently make updates to their apps? And they even reduce the charge rate now to #52(fifty two naira). 

The MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme is not only helping its participants, but even other business organizations including the banking sector. 

At your own leisure time, calculate how much banks will earn if one million MMM participants use mobile banking services for transactions in a month. 

This year, MMM participants is more than three million and still counting. This means more money for the participants and also more money for the banks. So why will the banks be against MMM? 

MMM is here to stay and to make a difference and even bank Staffs are joining the scheme. You should too because for a fact #mmmpays.

Do you think banks should be against MMM Nigeria and its participants? We would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. 



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