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Twinkas Update: Twinkas Struggling To Pay Off Debts as Twinkas About Crash


Over the years it has been noticed that the very component that makes a Ponzi Scheme strong is same component that bring about its crash, fall or destruction. That very component is its members or participants. 

Believe it or not, Ponzi Scheme survives from recycling and entrance of new members. When members or participants fail to recycle and the numbers of new members reduce everyday, then that Ponzi Scheme is at the very brick of collapse. 

The Twinkas Ponzi Scheme is facing this very threat. And as it stands, they have very little chance of survival. The Ponzi Scheme have brought different methods to savor what is left of the system but it seems they keep getting into new problems once an obstacle is overcome. 

Please take a look at the latest update from their website in attempt to revive the system 

Twinkas Notice Board:
Important Notice. We are using the maximum user resource limit to control the registration and payment process daily. Kindly note that from 10th April 2017, after receiving four times (4x) from the automatic recycling, the system will drop the account(s) and prompt you to recycle within 24 hours, and failure to recycle; the TK-001 robot will have all the accounts connected to the account suspended.

Information: All accounts that was not recycled by the TKS-021 have been fixed. Thanks for using Twinkas

The above simply means that, they are going to pay off some debts, but once a participant is paid and that participant refuse to recycle, he/she will be blocked from the system including any other account he/she have regardless how much in such account. 

The above measure is to ensure that there won’t be hit and run participants once they start payment. We don’t know if this is first towards recovering the Twinkas Ponzi Scheme but we do know that the Ponzi Scheme is working to pay its participants. 

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