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See What Twinkas Is Planning To Do With The Website

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Twinkas have been ranked the second most secured Ponzi Scheme for the year 2017. With the Ponzi Scheme only in the strong shadows of the MMM Ponzi Scheme. 

But like every other Ponzi Schemes, the Twinkas Ponzi Scheme have been facing the problem of hit and run participants. This have affected the scheme to the post of it bringing new changes over time to pay its participants but it’s not working. 

While the Twinkas Ponzi Scheme is yet to pay off its debts, a news just appeared on their website informing participants and general public that they are bringing three new different packages. Below is how the news appeared 

Dear Participants. We will be launching three packages cum 300% bonanza for a package, which will facilitate the process. This will take effect in less than 24 hours from the time of publication. The modalities are yet to be revealed and TKS-021 Robot has been built for automated 1:1 matrix recycling. To this end, you may not bother to recycle by yourself as TKS-011 Robot has been placed on mute mode. No more EXIT PACKAGE. Thank you!

Do you think this is a good move? It seems the Ponzi Scheme is just adding salt to injury. They are yet to pay off their previous debt now they are thinking about adding more debts. 

The truth is, with more participants bringing money into the system the more debts the Ponzi Scheme will owe. Well we don’t know how this will make the system stronger and how they intend on paying the debts they owe. 

But one thing is for sure, the thinking of its participants. So the question is out, do you think this is the right course of action for the Ponzi Scheme? Please leave your opinion via your comments below. 


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