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Apply For Twinkas Mid Year Vacation in Abu Dhabi Dubai


The Twinkas Ponzi Scheme is still striving to satisfy its participants. They have been taking measures to make sure the system is alive. 

A recent update from their website shows that, the Ponzi Scheme plans on taking some of its participants to Abu Dhabi in Dubai for the mid year holiday. 

The good news is, all participants can apply and have a chance to enjoy from this scheme. Below is how the news appeared in the Twinkas website 

Lottery Lottery Lottery!!!

Dear participant,

Hurry while it last!!! We are launching the mid-year summer holiday in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) for two weeks with the visa, ticket and logistics taken care of by Twinkas. 

However, you are expected to have at least five accounts each in the entire packages with Tks.400,000 units. All the applicants are meant to apply as many times as possible, but one time application will render the Tks units to zero. Happy Twinking….!!

If you want to visit Abu Dhabi by June or July, you can apply for the Twinkas Lottery and enjoy a very wonderful mid year holiday among other Twinkas participants. Happy Twinkling. 


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