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Friday, 7 April 2017

Twinkas Crash: Twinkas To Remove Two Packages To Save Twinkas

Just few weeks after the unveiling of the new ultimate package and few days after news appeared in the Twinkas website that they are set to bring in three new packages, the Twinkas Ponzi Scheme is taking steps to remove some packages. 

A recent visit to the Twinkas website shows that the Classic and Professional packages are no longer active. See screenshots below 

Also,  a look at the personal account of its participants shows that the money they have have been automatically converted to Twinkas Tks. This means that, any participant that is in the Classic or Professional package have to sell their e-wallet to a buyer. 

Picture showing how Twinkas have changed its participants money to e-wallet 

The truth is, Twinkas is dying and it's going down the drain with its many participants still having money there. Lots of Ponzi schemes have come and gone and Twinkas is just at the very edge of crashing.

But the Twinkas platform is always open to receive suggestions. So if you think you have a solution for Twinkas Ponzi Scheme please kindly visit their official Facebook page or send am tweet via Twitter. 

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