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Proof That MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme is Active and Paying Participants Old Mavros


The MMM Ponzi Scheme has been paying its participants bit by bit. There are features to look out for that shows a Ponzi Scheme has finally closed. 

Total Shut-Down of site: When a Ponzi Scheme website starts showing 404 error, this usually means that the website is out of reach and can not be accessed. 

If a Ponzi Scheme website shows you a 404 error, then know that the website is gone for good. 

Unable to Log In or Access Your Account: When you can’t access your account in a Ponzi Scheme website even after providing the right password, email and username then know the Ponzi Scheme is gone for good. 

This error usually occur to scare away old participants and wait for new ones and dupe them of their money that is, waiting for the next victims. 

But unlike these schemes, the MMM platform is very active. For example they just sent an Easter message to all its participants. See MMM Easter message below

Happy Easter!

Dear participants,

Heartily and with a deep sense of joy we wish you a very, very happy Easter!

Have an Easter full of love, true friends and new beginnings!

May the angels protect you, may goodness surround you & may God always bless you!
Happy Easter!

MMM Administration

The above shows that the MMM Ponzi Scheme is still very active and wishes all its participants well for the festive period. Remember PH to GH and always know that together we can change the world. 


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