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Why MMM Warns Participants about Negative News From Media


The wake of MMM somehow have brought doom to most Ponzi Scheme. These Fraudsters have taken it upon themselves to bring MMM down by passing negative information about the Ponzi Scheme. 

But the MMM Admin recently released a message to all its participants, warning them against such ones. Below is the message to all MMM participants. 

Dear Participants, 

Yes things are going on smoothly regarding Mavros 2017.

The programmers are almost done with their work on Mavros 2016(Slashing) and once they are done,everyone would be communicated to.

In case you notice a miscalculation(Significant) of your 2016 Mavros,please relax as they are already aware and such will be recalculated.

Right now,nobody knows  the modality that would be set for Mavros 2016 collection but we can only be hopeful that the conditions that would be set will be participant friendly.Speculation sometimes could be dangerous and we should be careful of who interprets MMM related issues to us.

Now the media and CBN,SEC are not really against MMM but those that are against us are people within us.

These set of people own different crashed ponzi schemes and believe MMM resurrection was the cause of their PONZI doom.

These people are out to talk down MMM so that you get discouraged and frustrated,when you hear them talk,you will know.

Like I had said,some are even close to you without you knowing that they are Anti-MMM agents.Don’t be deceived and be careful.

Imaging someone saying MMM has not been paying this year’s Mavros and have decided to slash down accumulated growth of Mavros 2016.
Talk is cheap and ignore such talk.

Finally,once the ongoing works as per slashing or calculation  of Mavros 2016 are complete,we will surely get NEWS on our POs on how to collect them.

Think positive and be hopeful .

MMM all the way.
MMM pays and real.

Together we can change the world.

Read the above carefully and beware of those passing negative thoughts about MMM. This is the message from the MMM Admins. 


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