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MMM Freezing and Reducting Of Old Mavros as They Get Sets To Pay All Old Money

We have informed our readers before now that MMM is set to do a massive reduction regarding the acquired old Mavros and bonuses. We got the hint from a secure source that said its going to be a 50% reduction. For complete analysis about the 50% reduction please read MMM Latest Update: MMM Starts Freezing Of Old Mavros Reducing All Old Mavros To 50%

Well it seems the Ponzi Scheme have sprang into action as most MMM participants now visit their MMM account and see that there is massive reduction in the size/amount of Mavros.

In addition to the reduction, MMM also froze all old Mavros and they summarized all old Mavros together. This means that, you won’t see multiple old Mavros and multiple old bonuses in your account. Below is a screen shot of how they summarized the Mavros

From the picture above, you can see “2016 Mavros contributions” this is all your 2016 Mavros calculated together as one. It is also advisable that you take a good look at your Mavros and if it is reduced beyond the normal you should quickly chat up CRO to resolve the problem.

Also, from the picture above you can see “Mavros 2016 Bonuses” this is all your 2016 Bonuses calculated together. 

Please note that Team_Moneyrated and Team_MnTrends don’t know the actual percentage of calculation but we are certain that all old Mavros  are been calculated and reduced 

Please let us know if your mavro has been reduced via you comment below. 


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