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Friday, 14 April 2017

MMM Nigeria Scam Alert: Online Thieves Steals Money From MMM participants in Pretence Of Getting 2016 Mavros

As the MMM Ponzi Scheme tries to stand back to its feet and recover from the pause mode, many questions have arise and overtime the Ponzi Scheme have shown that they are here to stay. 

But it seems the Ponzi Scheme faces bigger threat outside the platform as its MMM are been scammed to get 2016 Mavros. 

There have been representatives seen on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram saying they can help participants get 2016 mavro at a fee of #5000 (five thousand naira). 

A deep investigation shows that any participant who engage in such act is doing it at his/her own risk. According to a news that appeared on the official website of MMM, 2016 Mavros will be released at random. 

That means, no one have influenced over how the Mavros will be released. Below is a screenshot of a chat with someone who claims she can help get 2016 Mavros at cost fee of #5000

Beware of persons like these and don't hesitate to block them if they chat you up. MMM is already holding up your money the last thing you want to do is for someone else to dupe you of five thousand naira. 

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