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Friday, 14 April 2017

New Scam Alert, Online Thieves Sends MMM SMS Notification

As the MMM Ponzi Scheme is gradually getting back to its feet, they have introduced some new features which includes the SMS Notification feature. 

But as always, there is always a down side to every upside. Online theft is still very active and the MMM platform is also a target. 

It is very important to note that MMM sends SMS Notification via "Code" if you receive another SMS Notification about MMM from another source know its an online theft. 

Many online scammers and thieves have been sending fake SMS messages claiming to be the MMM platform. Please be warned as you don't want to give away your account details and become vulnerable to online scam. 

Below is a screen shot of a message received by an MMM participant. This message is not from MMM but from an online thief please be warned and beware 
The above is a fake SMS Notification from Fraudsters

The above is how a real SMS Notification from MMM looks like

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