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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

See The Positive Steps by MMM To Release Old Money

The MMM Ponzi Scheme is doing everything in its power to pay its participants old Mavros. In our recent update, MMM is planning on giving out 10% of old Mavros to all its participants this includes 10% of old bonuses. Read full Story about the MMM 10% policy here MMM 10% Policy 

In addition to the above measure, MMM is step to Unveil something new in the interface of the PH section see picture below

Below is a summary of what the picture above is suggesting that MMM is going to implement soon

This is what Team Moneyrated and Team MnTrends thinkšŸ¤”

*Phing  under old-mavro-dep*:  u will be able to GH from 30% of old Mavro

*Phing under old-mavro-bonuse*  u will be able to GH ur 2016 referral/leaders bonuses

*Phing under Mavro 30%*  u will be able to Gh normal 30% growth ,i.e if u r a new member or don't have any old mavros from 2016

Well according to a reliable source, MMM is not only going to be stronger but it's going to only get better.

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