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Thursday, 20 April 2017

MMM Starts Freezing Of Old Mavros Reducing All Old Mavros To 30%

There is going to be surprise waiting for most MMM participants when they check their personal office account. MMM is gradually freezing and reducing the all old Mavros to 30%.

According to a reliable source, MMM is set to stop the growth of all old Mavros, freeze these Mavros and also reduce all to just 30%. This means that MMM will only pay 30% of the original PH amount. Check the mathematical example below. 

For example lets say Mr Jude PH 200,000 in December last year by now that same sum has grown to about 500,000 in the MMM platform. 

What MMM is now saying is that they won't be paying Mr Jude 500,000 instead they will freeze Mr Judes 200,000 and pay only 30% of Mr Judes old Mavros. 

Going with this, MMM will pay Mr Jude 260,000 because the 30% of his old Mavro is 60,000.

Most participants thinks this is the right way for the Ponzi Scheme as most of their Mavros have grown out of proportion as some usually say. 

Though this is yet to be implemented for all accounts but it's gradually been implemented for all MMM account with old Mavros. 

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  1. That's the best way to bring back the glory of our dear mmm, we are waiting