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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

MMM Nigeria Latest Update: MMM Set to Release Part of 2016 Mavro to all Participants, See how you can get yours


They have successfully reduced the GH  for 2016 mavro from 31k to 16k but u can get the 16k twice for now after d first GH has been completed. This is to enable the limit GH for  2016mavros to go round fast. 

Inform your downlines.

The numbers of participants that  can now GH  from last year's mavro have been doubled. 

Based on logistics, If you want everyone to GH something from last year's mavro everytime, then PH must increase rapidly.  

If you want the GH for last year mavro to go higher then invite new participants and u would be surprised at the amount that would be made available.

MMM is trying its best to make sure the Ponzi Scheme pays all its participants. But the lost concerning problem still remains the growing Mavros. Most participants thinks the Mavros should have stopped growing by now. 

But while awaiting the stop of growing Mavros, any MMM participant is eligible to just sixteen thousand naira from their old mavro, so go and get yours. 

MMM can only get better not get worse. The best is yet to come. 

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