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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why MMM Rolls out New Update "Undefined", Check Out what it possibly Means

MMM has been bringing new updates since the resumption of the Ponzi Scheme since January 13th 2017. It was observed that there has been a significant change with the way mavros are to grow. 

Before now, when a participant PH (provide help) it shows a release date. But the new update changes it from "Release date"  to "undefined".

It is also very important to note that before now, all acquired Mavros start growing from  the day of pledging the money. But with this new update it might just seem that, growth of mavro will now start from when a pledge is confirmed. Well this is just a speculation though. 

Another possible meaning to the Undefined might also be that, all acquired Mavros will be release and available for withdrawal once it is Confirmed. Meaning, after paying part payment the release date for that particular order will now be visible. 

Well all the above are just speculations based on what we think. If you have a different opinion, please enlighten fellow MMM participants via your comments below. 

It is also very important to note that MMM still remain Smythe strongest and most secure Ponzi Scheme in the year 2017. So invest wisely and get the benefits of taking a risk. 

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