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See How You Can Get Your Money From MMM


The MMM Ponzi Scheme finally Launches the most anticipated and most wanted option for paying old Mavros to its participants. 

According to the news from a secure source, MMM Pegged th release of old Mavro at 10%.
This means that, for every PH a participant make, he/she is given 10% from his/her old Mavro. Below is how it is calculated 

*According To Ndukwe Elochukwu:*

*MMM Nigeria  has finally  implemented the PH to GH 10%PH from 2016 mavro policy.*

So, PH now to get 10% of 2016 mavro + 30% growth 2017 mavro. 
😱😱A hooping 40% for every PH from now as long as you have 2016 mavros.

YES O!!!😳😳
40% as long as your 2016 mavro lasts!

😆😆 #Based on Logistics

👉If you PH #100,000 now:
You will GH=
130,000 NGN + N10,000 NGN
Total sum of N140,000

*E never finish o!*😮😮😮
*DO YOU KNOW THAT IF your referral PH #100k to release #10k their 2016 mavro*, they also released #10k of your own 2016 mavros + #10k referral bonus.
*20%!! I SAY 20% from your referral PH*

😍😍Khai!! This policy too much!

💃💃💃Lemme go and increase my PH…  Who dey road make em commot before i go jam d person.

Well 10% might be just too small, because lots of participants have millions of naira in the scheme. What is you opinion, is this first step towards the right direction or this is just a waste of time. Tell us what you think via your comment below. 


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