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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How MMM is Finally Giving Out 2016 Mavros Follow These Simple Steps to Get Yours

The MMM Ponzi Scheme have introduced many ways to get 2016 Mavros, but it seems they are still far away from Paying off its debts. 

But according to a very reliable source, MMM just implemented a new technique whereby a participant can get part of his/her 2016 Mavros from both their PH and the PH of their downlines. Below is what we gathered from oyr reliable source 

*Proposed Rules for 2016 mavro*

We used to have a rule according to which participants who provided help got their “old” Mavro released in the amount of 10% of their PH sum. Besides, if their referral provided help, “old” Mavro in the amount of 10% of their referral’s PH sum got released as well. This rule was intended to pay off old Mavro debts as soon as possible.

Then, due to some technical reasons, that rule did not work for some time. Now all the technical problems are fixed, so we are re-introducing it again.

So, people who have “old” Mavro:

1). the old Mavro are released in the amount of 10% of participant’s PH sum.

2). the old Mavro are released in the amount of 10% of participant’s referral’s PH sum.

The "old" Mavro are released at the moment a participant's/referral’s "Provide Help" is confirmed. Then released “Old” Mavro are available for withdrawal. (However, you can continue to keep them in the system, and they will grow at the rate of 30%. Released “old” Mavro can be taken out in total or partial amount at any time)

According to the source, the above measures have been implemented but official news is yet to appear in the website. 

Team Moneyrated and Mntrends have joined together in bringing you latest information about Ponzi Schemes even before it appears. Try and PH today encourage your downlines to do same to increase the amount of your old Mavros release. 

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