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MMM Guider Focus On Release of Old Mavros (Money) and The Need for More Guiders

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The latest Guider Meeting held with the head of MMM Guider in Nigeria Guider Andrew was focused mainly on two key importance,with the first been the release of old Mavros and the second the need for more Guiders. 

Though lots of participants thinks that the system have too much Guiders already, but according to statistics the numbers of participants are far more than the Guiders. Below is the summary of the meeting held


Programmers have started to work on your suggestions

Script launched to stop Mavro 2016 growth

More than half of the accounts processed already

The remaining will be done

We’ve funded a lot of proposals

Submit new proposals

If you get fund for events, you should invite new people and give report

If you misuse money, you’ll be penalized

Multiple accounts will be checked and blocked

When you invite people, teach them about us….. They should be ready to lose what they donated

A lot of moratorium is reduced… New ones will be checked too

Now we have confirmation process for 10k and above…. We are processing their videos and will handle the non active ones

If you want to develop Ghana, you can

I will give link for such people….. Andrew

For the rating, if you have too many people, you’re bound to get many dislikes

Bonus for btc PH was turned off

Programmers are doing their part, no need to wait for what… Work now and we’ll move forward

The limit for Guiders is just for Guiders bonuses, you can get your referral and video bonuses

10k and above are under moratorium until verification is complete

We have a new school for guiders…. Automated School 

If you were not upgraded, inquire from your mentor

Bitcoin GH working now

If a participant applied and was not taken, the person should try again….. (Guiders School)

If you develop Ghana, you’ll be able to withdraw bonuses

We have Consultants, no need for more now, any need for that will be advertised on POs

If you say Mavros were reduced, give an example, if not, nothing will be done

Guiders are not too much as you said, cos even now, we don’t have 100 participants per guider

We are here to help each other, no need to expect miracles, it’s not a get rich quick system, let’s run away from frustration, if you’re read to lose, PH… If not, don’t. 

We don’t need to make people rich, we need sustainability

Submit proposals for events

Meeting ends

There have been other updates too, even the freezing of old Mavros and the combination of old bonus. More updates from MMM will appear in you PO soon but you can get the news first hand from our website. 


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