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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

MMM Nigeria Bringing New Provide Help Interface That Will Help Get Both Old Mavros And Old Bonuses

MMM is set to bring a new provide help interface that will help participants get their old Mavros and old bonuses. Unlike the current provide help interface, the new interface is divided into three sections. The first is "old Mavro_dep, Old Mavro_Bonus and 30% Mavros.

This interface was only tested and not yet implemented. Below is a screenshot of how the interface look like

With you selecting either of
* *Old mavro deposit*
* *Old mavro bonus*
* *Mavro 30%*

It means

If you select *Old mavro deposit*, you'll get 40% immediately after payment confirmation (30% reward and 10% from your 2016 deposit).

If you select *Old mavro bonus*, you'll also get 40% immediately after payment confirmation (30% reward and 10% from your 2016 bonuses).

If you select *Mavro 30%*, you'll get 30% reward as usual after 30 days.

Release date for *Old mavro deposit* and *Old mavro bonus* is immediately after payment confirmation.

So let's hit the PH button in our PO and start collecting the 2016 mavros for real.

Above is a quick summary of what the new interface means. It is important to note that when this is implemented, you can only choose of the options above. 

Multiple options won't be allowed. Is this a step forward to paying the old Mavros and bonuses? Leave us your opinion via your comments below


  1. Are u saying that d 40% will be available for GH immediately we pay in?
    E.g. PH #100k GH #140k immediately after payment confirmation?

    1. No please. 100k won't necessarily bring 140k...it may be less or more than 140k depend on your old Mavro. From the calculation above, you will get your normal 30% and 10% of your old Mavro will be added too... So if you have 200k as old Mavro that means your 10% will be 20k but if you have 50k as old Mavro your 10% will be 5k.... Well like d post said it's still a speculation meaning it has not been implemented...!!!

  2. U mean 10% of our outstanding GH?

  3. Temitope I don't think the 10% will be calculated from the outstanding Mavros. Most likely it will be calculated from the current PH...!!