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Twinkas Back To Partial Paying Mode and Launches Veteran Package


Twinkas have been on pause mode for a while now. This means that, payment of its participants were under restrictions like the god of all Ponzi Schemes “The MMM”. 

Somewhere last week, Twinkas started the removal of inactive participants from its system. This operation saw to it that person’s with account that have not been using the account to register for any package is removed from the system. 

The main problem of Twinkas not laying was as a result of no influx of new members. By removing the inactive or Dormant participants, Twinkas was able to know for sure the real members of the system and have decided to work with these members. 

Twinkas lately launched the Veteran package. And this package was a huge move for this platform as it increases the scope of the Ponzi Scheme platform. 

Just some few days back, Twinkas announced via their Facebook official page the release of their twitter handler and also the start of payment. 

The Twinkas platform has come with a new law, any participant who got paid have about 48hours to invest into any of the package else that account will be seen as Dormant and will be deleted. 

Is the above decision a good move?  That question still remains for debate and as events unfold we shall see how it turns out for this Ponzi scheme platform.


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