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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Summary Of The Latest Meeting Held By Head of MMM Nigeria Guiders In Nigeria

Every now and then, Guiders feel the need to enter meetings on how to best resolve the slow payment of MMM scheme.

Below is the summary of the latest meeting held with the head of Guiders in Nigeria Guider Andrew.

🔅🔅🔅 *Minute of Meeting with Andrew on 22nd Mar 2017* 🔅🔅🔅

1. Firstly, i want to address the issue of PH to GH, we are waiting for implementation because there are  about more than 40 countries who  want different things on PO. I hope soon it will be implemented.

2. To Increase the payment of Mavro 2016, we need to grow but if we continue to complain and frustrated and we are not
growing, then we will not grow and the 2016 Mavro will be still paid little by little.

3. The decision for this Random  Payment for 2016 Mavro is based on the sustainability of our community.

4. Now we are implementing the rules of GH for 2016, if you have taken from 2016 Mavro you will go out from the queue and wait until its circulated, we are also going to add some more requirement like only member who PH can get from 2016 Mavro and more.

5. It’s not very good to change the task given to Programmers every now and then, it will just delay their
progress. When the suggestion is implemented then we can give them new ones.

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