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Friday, 31 March 2017

MMM and Twinkas Bringing New Plans to Pay Participants Thier Money

The two most active Ponzi Schemes In Nigeria are having problems paying its participants. The MMM Ponzi Scheme and the Twinkas Ponzi Scheme. 

Twinkas: compare with MMM, Twinkas have a better chance of paying its participants as Twinkas don't grow money. This means that, Twinkas have a specific amount to pay all its investors. 

But MMM on the other hand is not like that. As at the time of writing this post, the Mavros of MMM participants are still growing and most are growing out of proportion. 

MMM: While it is true that Mavros are growing out of proportion in MMM, it is also observed that MMM has been paying off its debts bit by bit. There have been testimonials of its participants getting help of about one million naira. 

But one thing that is similar with these two scheme is that, they remove any Dormant and unfaithful participant. 

Twinkas recently wiped clean all Dormant Account. While MMM recently brought a policy of permanent blocking for accounts that upload fake proof of payment. 

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