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What Makes MMM Website Shut Down for Every Two hours a Month


The date is March 4th 2017, the MMM office website was shut down for about two hours from 9am to 11am. Within this period of time, nobody really understands what was happening. Even some MMM participants was of the opinion that the website has finally shut down. 

Around 9am,the site was showing the follow error “Errors General System Error please try again”. From the above, the site was not opening at all, it was completely out. 

But then around 10:48am same day, the site was back to full functionality and even matched some persons that have pledged. Below is a screenshot of a matched transaction 

Break down of what happened

There was a news that appeared on the MMM platform dated 22-2-2017, below is what is contained in the news

Dear participants,
You constantly reproach us stating we don’t listen to your opinions however we really do. :-)) We try to carry out the most reasonable and efficient suggestions immediately.

Particularly, in accordance with your suggestions, we will soon take the following measures:
  1. We will stop the growth of confirmed Mavros acquired before the 1st of January 2017.
  2. We will freeze the bonuses received before the 1st of January 2017 (so that limited withdrawal of Mavro-2016 will include only contributions, not bonuses). 
  3. We will introduce a new rule according to which the withdrawal amount cannot exceed triple amount of the provided help (so, GH cannot exceed PH more than in 3 times). Many participants and guiders withdraw bonuses in such big amounts without PH that it threatens the stability of the whole System. (We don’t agree, however we will accept preferences of the majority. :-)) With this rule, you can’t withdraw only bonuses without providing help.
Therefore, keep on sending us your suggestions. We will take them into account (At least, we will try :-))
Best regards,
Sergey Mavrodi.

We change the world!

Programmers are working to implement this news and that means that they have to do a live test. For the above suggestions to be implemented, it has to pass through series of tests and 4-3-2017 was a test mode day. 

The truth is, more of these tests mode will come and the website might down for a couple of minutes or hours but be sure that MMM is not going anywhere. MMM is here to stay. 

So ignore any other news you see on the Internet about MMM, because MMM ideology is, mutual donation meaning the participants keeps the system alive. Remember with MMM “we can change the world” 


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