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See How You Can Join MMM Letter Writing Campaign


Since the return of the MMM Ponzi Scheme, many participants are yet to get their money paid. This has been a great concern to its participants as the scheme is encouraging participants to PH (that is, put in more money into the system without getting the previous money). 

While it is true that the Ponzi Scheme is fully functional and is paying 2017 Mavros, they are yet to do little or nothing concerning the old 2016 Mavros. 

This have become a concern, hence some participants are encouraging other participants on a nationwide campaign to send letters to the MMM admin via their Personal Office. Below is What should be sent from each person’s Personal Office 

Procedures to follow before writing the letter

*Dear MMM participants, do u actually need your 2016 mavro?*
Now listen, Every Participant is hereby directed to copy the following letter IMMIDIATELY, 

log into ur MMM PO and paste it for  Support!

While creating a ticket, write *URGENT* as the tittle of the message…

After sending it, do same for all the POs u are managing. Then forward this message and the letter to any MMM WhatsApp group or Telegram or Skype u know, don’t forget to forward it to all your downlines too.
The letter must reach them from at least a million of us..

Do not fail to send it now! Remember the first letter we wrote got Mavrodi’s attention!..
Our 2016 mavro shall not be in vain!!!
Copy the letter below:

Body of the letter (copy and paste the letter below) 


Sequel to your letter to us on the aforementioned heading dated 22nd February, 2017(one month ago) and the last PO News on 19th March, we the Nigerian MMM participants anxiously ask the following;

1.     What is still preventing you and your able Programmers from implementing the earlier suggested and accepted percentage PH to GH of 2016 Mavro?

2.     Do you realize that your delay in implementing the above is seriously preventing new members from registering and dissuading old members from further participation?

3.      Are you aware that the current PH you have in the system are from the participants who are experimenting if we would be able to GH part of  our 2016 mavro? 

And as we are getting disappointed, we would be discouraged from PHing furthermore. So let all the recent PH not be mistaken as the ability or willingness of participants to start all over again!

Having Raised The Above Questions, Kindly Note The Following:

a.     The reinvigoration of MMM Nigeria ONLY depends on the ability of participants to withdraw our 2016 mavros, which can only be made possible through the implementation of percentage(%) PH to GH a percentage (%) of the old mavro in a gradual manner. You can do this!!!.

b.  Note that once the above is implemented, there wil be a constant and larger inflow of money into the system which will be dispatched for pairing.
For the percentage to implement, we suggested a x2 or x3 GH of any PH amount..(i.e PH 1,000 Naira and GH 2,000 or 3,000 Naira from the old mavro).

As this is running, be assured that very numerous new members will register and start PHing with their new money too because they are all waiting to hear from old members on this.

c.     You and the Programmers need to work harder on MMM Nigeria because Nigeria is the most populous black country in the world, thus promises a great prospect for MMM.

d.      PLEASE do not ‘sing’ the Dirge and Threnody of MMM-Nigeria.

e.    We await your ACTION and PO NEWS not ‘Soon’ but Immediately!..

Long Live MMM-Nigeria!

Long Live Sergei Mavrodi!

Together we can change the world!

Best Regards,

All of Us in MMM-Nigeria

The MMM participants wants a permanent solution to their old Mavro and you can be part of this campaign by going to you Personal Office and Writing the above letter to support. 


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