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Why MMM Nigeria Issues Warning as they Set To Remove Any Dormant MMM Account. Steps To Save Your Account


The MMM Ponzi have been called lots of names, it have also come under many attacks ranging from media, political to even religious attack. 

The MMM Ponzi scheme has been struggling to get back to its feet and on that note they have issued a warning that any account that is Dormant will be removed. 

This simply means that, if you have an account that is not functioning, that is no PH and GH transaction is been done, then the account will be deleted. 

Please note that there is no exception, even if you have huge 2016 Mavro and PH and GH transaction is not going on in your account, the platform will see your account as been Dormant and the account will be removed. Below is what we gather from a secure source. 


Please kindly inform all your downlines to make sure their account is active. When you don’t operate your account between *3months*, it will be automatically *removed from the system*, no matter how much you or your downlines have therein. 

Remember vividly that the community went on holiday on the *13th of December 2016,* and by *13th of March 2017*, it will be exactly *3months.*

Make sure your account is active, *PH* as low as 2k.

Once your account is removed, you won’t have the opportunity to chat with support or participate in the community. Your *2016 mavro* is important. 

Together we will get there. 

✍🏼Guider oluseye

But participants need not fear the above, all you need do is log into your personal office (your mmm account) and PH as low as 1000 nigeria naira. If there is any order present in the account, no matter how small that account will be seen as active. 

Remember, the MMM ideology is mutual donation. That simply means that, the participants keep the system alive. So PH as little as you have and make the MMM community stronger for all. 




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